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Grand Piano Recording

Using Stereo Ribbon mic with AKG 414

Using the amazing Bechstein grand piano at StudiOwz (a lovely converted chapel in Wales) engineer Owain Fleetwood Jenkins shows his approach - getting a beautiful piano sound using a Hum Audio Devices RS-2 (stereo ribbon) microphone and a pair of AKG 414 mics.

Capturing a great piano sound firstly requires a really good pianist and thankfully we had a great player - Dan Moore who we recorded so that you can hear this mic setup.  Owain demonstrates his mic placement approaches including his 3 - 1 rule for the AKG's..

Hum Audio Devices RS-2 (Stereo Ribbon)

Hum Audio Devices RS-2 (Stereo Ribbon)

The piano and the space that it's in makes a large contribution and the lovely acoustic space at StudiOwz offers a wonderful range of sounds - here we went for a more atmospheric sound and took advantage of the lovely Hum Audio active stereo ribbon microphone.

Before recording the piano, Dan put down a bit of a synth backing so everything you hear was created specially for this video with the stereo mix being synced up with the picture.

In a later video we will again be at StudiOwz recording upright piano and a range of other excellent keyboards so please look out for those and please check out Owain's studio tour around this magnificent recording studio.

Dan Moore playing some of the other keyboards available at StudiOwz

Dan Moore playing some of the other keyboards available at StudiOwz


Special thanks to

Owain Fleetwood Jenkins

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Tom Sinnett

Dan Moore


Please watch the studio tour around StudiOwz - link below - and please pay them a visit.  It's one of our top 10 studios in the UK and perfect for bands and acoustic instruments.  The range of instruments available at the studio is fantastic.