Tips & Techniques

How to Record & Mix Drums (30 minute special feature)

Grammy winning engineer Mike Exeter shows his great sounding Drum Recording methods

Grammy winning engineer Mike Exeter shows his great sounding Drum Recording methods with top session drummer Karl Brazil.

Hear the sounds that he recorded individually so you can hear the benefit of Mike's microphone placement in solo and as a whole - in context with a song. At about 15minutes in you can watch the tour around the drum kit.

Recording & mixing drums tutorial with Mike Exeter

Mike has worked with some amazing artists and bands but the ones that stand out are Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Dio etc.. Karl Brazil has worked with Take That, Ed Sheeran etc.. Together they offer a depth of knowledge and experience that is here for you to digest and hopefully can pick up some useful tips for your next drum recording session :-)

A big thanks to Mike Exeter and Karl Brazil plus Gospel Oak Studios, Baz Bayliss, Gavin Backhouse and Joe Hieatt-Smith.

This feature was recorded at a private studio in the English countryside (watch the studio tour below) and Mike is sat at the controls of Gospel Oak Studios in the Warwickshire countryside - a link to the studio is below.

The studio we recorded the drums is in a converted coach house in rural Oxfordshire, UK.  If you have a serious project that you might like to work on at the studio it's not in the phone book but please message us and we will connect you (if you can show you are serious!).

Not many private studios have an SSL Duality console, a live space that's as flexible, massive microphone collection, a chef musician owner that cooks superb food and is set in a tranquil and private setting away from it all so you can just relax and focus on the session. As Mike's enthusiasm can be seen, this is a pretty special place.