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Ian Shepherd tries wearable binaural mic's on a studio session

Testing out wearable Soundman OKM II binaural microphones on session

March 2017 - We were at Rimshot Studios recording a new production series for the site with musician Nigel Powell, pop producer superstar Gary Stevenson and ace engineer / producer George Shilling.

There were several producers and engineers at the studio all recording a series of new recording features for the website and Ian Shepherd had brought along a set of wearable binaural microphones(Soundman OKM II) that you place in your ear as if they were headphones. The results are rather good and Ian talks briefly on camera about how they work followed by some audio examples recorded while he wandered around the recording space while the session was in progress.

Hammond organ player Paul Jobson played while Ian walked around the studio and the effect has to really be heard listening on headphones but even on our laptop speakers the effect is rather realistic. It's not as 'effected' as the close mics and we will be running a video comparing these at a later date.

Recording session at Rimshot Studios

Special thanks to Paul Jobson for being the Hammond Organ player for us to record, Nigel Powell for being the star of the day and involving us on his songwriting, Gary Stevenson, George Shilling, Mike Thorne and everyone at Rimshot Studios. Do please check out Rimshot if you need to record in a nice room, the home made soup and super warm welcome you get there is amazing as is the gear.

Ian Shepherd