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Metal recording workshop feature with top recording engineers

A complete studio session following the recording techniques and methods of some highly experienced recording engineers

Engineers Clint Murphy and Mike Exeter got together with Stuart Jones at Woodworm studios to record a feature for us following the recording of a complete track with a band to compare various recording approaches and methods. We had a fantastic time and were greatly helped by having such a brilliant band, Pelugion, who kindly let us experiment on them in exchange of having one of their songs recorded.

This video runs for 40 minutes and covers drum setup, microphone choices and positions, guitar amp setup and best mic placement, bass guitar with DI and mics plus vocals using U47 and SM57 - See the band doing actual takes in the studio and have Mike, Clint and Stuart Jones (studio owner/engineer) talk you through their process with lot's of 'how and why'. This is full of useful information for experienced and aspiring engineers and also gives some insight in to the banter and mechanics of a session.

recording metal band Pelugion at Woodworm studios

The band Pelugion were a superb band to work with and we hope that this exposure will have you seeking them out to find out more about them. Thank you Pelugion!

A massive thanks to Stuart Jones for letting us take over Woodworm Studios and helping make the session run super smoothly. Humungous thanks also go to the two sonic chefs, Clint Murphy and Mike Exeter who cooked up a feast of great sound and showed it off so well. We really hope that this video that everyone went to the trouble of recording has helped and inspired you in some shape or form.

If you've not had enough and still want more, watch our Mastering at Metropolis Studios video feature where Mike Exeter visited Peter Hewitt-Dutton to master this record to vinyl - it's here.

Pelugion recording at Woodworm Studios

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