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Mike Cave's mixing tips - Pt 3

Working with mix buss processing

In this episode of Mike Cave's mixing tips he tells Russell Cottier about his methods for getting a better sounding mix.

In this video Mike talks about how he tries to not put anything over the mix buss for the early stages of a mix other than a high pass filter at around 20-25Hz. He also monitors the output of the convertors of what's 'printing' and when he does start to tweak the mix buss he tends to start with just a very subtle EQ.

Maybe 75% of the way through the mix process Mike inserts compression or limiting. The UAD Ampex 2 Track Machine is his first to fool his ears and sound real and adds a little flavour that appeals to Mike's ears.

Sonox INFLATOR is one of the plug in's that Mike monitors through as mixing progresses but doesn't apply to the printed output, it helps him get an idea of how it will sound when mastered.

In the short video Mike talks with Russ about other mix buss related ideas.

mike cave in the control room of his Liverpool recording studio

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