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Piano mic shoot out

Comparing microphones with Clint Murphy

Clint Murphy's unique series continues here on with a journey to Belgium's ICP Studios - Clint compares three piano mic alternatives selecting some very classy mics from ICP's excellent mic collection.

The microphones that Clint tried out were the Neumann CMV 583, The B&K 4006 and the Microtech Gefell UMT 70 S.

Photo showing microphone placement on the piano at ICP Studios

Clint Murphy compares three piano mic alternatives at ICP Studios

Clint shot this video and edited it himself so a big thanks to him for taking the effort to share the results. The video quality isn't super spectacular as Clint grabbed a few minutes from the mix session he was on to record this but the audio samples are at high quality.

Clint Murphy is a highly regarded recording and mixing engineer and started his career at York Street Studios in New Zealand, he is now based in the UK.

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Clint Murphy at Modern World Studios

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