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Piano recording techniques with Clint Murphy

Clint Murphy takes a look at several piano recording techniques

Clint Murphy was at Rimshot Studios recording some production videos with Mike Exeter and decided that as we had a lovely Bechstein Grand Piano in a lovely room with someone that could play (Michael Bunce) we recorded this short feature. Hopefully this piano recording video shows some interesting mic placement possibilities and one used a pair of pretty cheap Shure SM57's placed in the sound holes.

Picture showing piano recording and microphone positions

In the video each mic placement alternative has a sample of what was played so that you can compare each and we hope that it inspires you. Each of the recordings are good and would suit different tracks/arrangements so hope that this is a handy starting point for your experimentation.

Special thanks to Clint Murphy and Mike Exeter for setting this up and to Mike Thorne for once again giving us access to his lovely room and equipment at Rimshot Studios and thank you to Michael Bunce from the University of East London for playing the piano for us.

Clint Murphy recording the piano at Rimshot Recording Studios

Clint Murphy is a highly regarded recording and mixing engineer and started his career at York Street Studios in New Zealand, he is now based in the UK.

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neumann and akg microphones on piano