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Sylvia Massy recording setup and explanation

Russell Cottier and the crew visited Edge Studios in Cheshire, UK, on a rainy day to find out about the famous recording techniques that Sylvia is known for - recording guitars through cheese and light bulbs, using hose pipe to get a different drum sound, using pianos as reverbs, old cassette recorders for interesting compression etc etc. You can watch all this on our video!

Special thanks to John and Mark at Edge Studios for helping make this feature possible, to Russ Cottier for giving up his time to come over and be the roving interviewer and of course, to Sylvia Massy for letting us in on a session and recording our feature in her break. Check out Sylvia Massey's recording of the band God Damn.

This video is a extract from a longer interview Click here to watch the full Sylvia Massy interview and studio recording techniques video.