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The Floor Mic Technique with Andrew Lowe

Demonstrated at Wolverhampton University

Andrew Lowe demonstrates The Floor Mic Technique (at the University of Wolverhampton)

Andrew Lowe decided to experiment with the Floor Mic technique for recording drums championed here on RP by Clint Murphy (click here to watch that video) but thwarted by not having a lovely wooden studio floor he decided to experiment.

As can be seen in another of our Floor Mic features with Austen Kilburn, many people find themselves in the carpeted room or lino situation. How to get the drums to have some liveness? Previously seen in the feature with Austen Kilburn one solution is to unscrew a door and place that in front of the kit but Andrew was thinking on the same lines and he used Plexi Glass to much the same effect but in this case using some posh but affordable AKG 414's.

andrew lowe at the ssl aws 900 working on the drum sound

Andrew and the team at Wolverhampton recorded this short video that shows what they did and the video includes audio samples.

If you have interesting recording techniques you are also welcome to submit your video or invite us along to save you the trouble!

Special thanks to everyone at the University of Wolverhampton for recording this feature!

Andrew Lowe is on Facebook, contact him there.