Exclusive video tours around the UK's music recording studios


The best British music recording studios are featured in our exclusive picture and video tours. From top end UK music studios to comfy affordable studios - If you're looking for a great music studio in the UK, not just London studios, check these out!



UK Music Studios - Video tours or producer interviews shot at the studio

Abbey Road Studios

Air Studios

Angelic Studios

Antenna Studios

Astar Studios

Astoria Studios

AT Music

Bank Cottage

Beethoven Street

Blossom Studios

Britannia Row

British Grove

Bryn Derwen

Castle Sound

Chair Works

Chapel Studios Lincolnshire

Chestnut Studios


Dairy Studios

Dean Street

Decoy Studios

Deep Recording

Distant City Studios

Edge Studios

Far Heath Studios

Fluid Mastering

Foel Studios

Gadget Studios

Glo Worm

Gospel Oak

Grand Cru

Grand Studios

Greystoke Studios

Grosvenor Road

Hear No Evil

Helicon Mountain

High Barn Studios

Hub 2 Recording

Intimate Studios

Joe Public Studios

Jultand Ave Studios

Livingston Studios

LMS Mobile

Loft Mastering

Konk Studios

Kore Studios

Master Chord

Metropolis Studios


Modern World

Monkey Puzzle

Monow Valley

Motor Museum

Old Library Studios

Old Smithy

Orchard Studios


Park Studios

Parlour Sound

Parr Street Studios

Post Electric Studios

RAK Studios

Real World

Rimshot Studios


Rockfield Studios





Snap Studios

Sofa Sound

Sphere Studios

State of The Ark



Tape Studios

Ten 21 Studios

The Chapel London

Vale Studios

Whitby Studios

Will Shapland Mobiles

Wincraft Studios

Woodworm Studios

Yard One

Yellow Shark



Take a tour around Parr Street Studios that celebrate their 25th year!



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The UK's recording facilities are amoung the best in the World, many are the oldest established studios with Abbey Road being 80 Years old, Rockfield 50 Years old etc.


Times have been getting harder and harder to make running an excellent studio possible but many have risen to the challenge and are now priced to sell - In fact, you can now record at a major studio for less than the price of an iPad and many producers and artists are now rediscovering the benefits of working in a studio for some or all of a project. If the band is well rehearsed and arrangement is worked out in advance, there's no reason why you can't spend a few days at Abbey Road, Air, Castle Sound, Monkey Puzzle, Rockfield etc etc and then take the files away to mix. It's actually very cheap to do and it is one way to focus on performance and what connects the public with your music.


Home recording is fine but sometimes it's just better to focus on what you're good at, playing, and letting people who dedicate their lives to recording do their thing. At the end of the day the public will judge you on your product, they don't care if it cost nothing or a lot, they just buy what sounds good. Using a good studio is an investment in your own future.



British Recording Studios that have sadly closed

Some we have featured live on here in our archive video features - Beware low quality!


Alexander Sound

Alpha Centauri




Eel Pie

Great Linford

Hook End


Leeders Farm

Long Track Studio

Mark Angelo


Mixing Rooms

Mwnci Studios

New Rising


Opec Studios


Pinna Productions

Ridge Farm


Sahara Sound

Soho Square

Stanley House

The Suite




Whitfield Street





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