Used sound recording studio equipment


Duncan Pro Audiois a leading European dealer of pre-owned SSL and Neve mixing consoles - quality used recording equipment for studio, producer or engineer. Working closely with the manufacturers brings genuine added benefits.


Over the years Duncan Pro Audio has accumulated a vast quantity of Solid State Logic console items, Buss cards, 8" floppy drives, Bernoulli Drives, Console frames, Patchbays, Remote Keyboards, Plasma meters, Console frame metalwork etc.


If you are looking for some spares or some item from 4000 /5000/ 6000/ just drop Pete an email, - if he has got it just make an offer.


Want to fill that extra channel section to your 4K console and can't afford list prices? Currently on sale are 10 only 4K modules fitted with G Plus mic amps and G EQ.


Other sought after SSL console items available include


Solid State Logic Programmable Equaliser type SL638E
4000 / 6000 series Stereo channels with TR card
4000 series Mono channels with TR card
2 only Neve VR channel modules
SSL 4000 & 6000 series channels
SSL 4000 / 6000 25 amp power supplies
SSL Buss cards
SSL Total Recall multiplex cards
SSL Plasma meters to suit 4000 & 6000 series
SSL Patchbays
SSL Programmable equalisers
SSL Keyboards
SSL Computers (G & E)
SSL G Plus (3.5 inch) computer upgrades

5000 series cassette's type numbers:
SL502,SL503,SL504,SL506A,SL507,SL508A,SL511, SL512,SL513,SL517,SL518,SL521,SL522,SL523,SL524, SL527,SL528,SL532,SL538,SL543,SL544,SL545,SL546,SL549, SL550,SL551,SL552,SL553,SL554,SL555,SL555F,SL556,SL556G, SL557,SL557F,SL558,SL559,SL574,SL575,SL576,SL577, SL578,SL581,SL582X1,SL582X2,SL588,SL591,SL592,SL593, SL594,SL595,SL596,SL598,SL599,C25,C26,C43.

5K power supplies and External Switching Racks

SL335,SL235,SL137 (1 every SL508) or (1 per SL508) SL237,85241,85242,82E180,82E172,85341,85342,85344,85345,85347.

If you can't see the 5K item you are looking for drop an email .

Also available are console metalwork, console extensions and SSL Upholstery.



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