Unique recording studio access for video

If you are looking for a recording studio setting to record a video interview or a pop video we have unique access to some of the World's best recording studios. We can also help in setting up live webcasts.


Legendary record producer and recording engineer Tony Platt at Townhouse Studios


Browsing this site you can see the massive range of leading pro music recording studios that we have access to. If you are looking to record a pop video in a great studio location we can help. You can browse Yellow Pages and find a studio without any problem but we can help find a location that matches the setting that you're looking for and it needn't cost a fortune. We cover the US, Canada, Europe but can help if you're searching for something a little more exotic.


While this service is mostly focused on production companies looking for an ideal location we are very pleased to offer a full range of pop video services to independent artists looking to create a great video on a tight budget.


Production companies.


Contact us so that we can find the setting in the location that you require. From large, lush naturally lit spaces to funky studio environments we can help you find the studio and get you a great rate.


Artist and small label funded projects.


Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean that you have to have to settle for poor settings or productions. Starting at just under a £1,000 ($1,950) we can arrange a great studio, film and edit in standard DV. For a little more we can compress the video to stream on the web and host it for you. Uploading to services such as YouTube or Google is free but getting the best compression makes a difference, we have the expertise to give you the most impact. For this budget you will need to have a clear idea of the direction and accept that a less ambitious production is possible however a superb video can be made!


A more glossy or pro quality production that has a very good crew and broadcast quality with pro Digi Beta or HD will cost more but we can access some of the very best locations and crews with top flight editors etc. Please get in touch to let us know what your needs are.




Why not take advantage of our access to top flight recording studios and webcast a live performance? With many of the studios we use having high bandwidth connections you can take advantage of superb accousics and engineers available. What better location to do a webcast from? All material can be recorded from multiple cameras for later editing for later use on the web or DVD.

Live webcasting from a top studio need not cost the fortune that many expect and the quality can be good enough for a later DVD release offering new revenue possibilities.






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