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Real Producers

Markus Dravs

With such a diverse range of artists (including Bjork, Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel and Merz amongst others) in his discography, it’s no surprise that Markus is considered as one of the most flexible young producers around. Markus consistently brings out unique elements in the artists that he works with. A solid background in mixing, engineering and programming has led to an exciting career in production.



2000 Seizer Barker “Day By Day” Tracks Hug Prog, Keys, Drums

“Hotel Juicy Parlour

1999 Merz “Merz” Album Epic Programming

1999 Shriekback “Naked Apes & Pond Life” Album Mauve

1996 Joseph Arthur “Big City Secrets” Album Real World Programming

1995 Dravs/Fisher-Turner “Orchestrated Gravel” Film Score Written, Performed

(Taken from the film “Nadia” directed by Michael Almoredo)


1994 Sheep On Drugs “On Drugs” Album Island

1994 Golden Claw Musics “All Blue Review” Album Infectious Co-writes

1993 Levellers “Levellers” Album China

1992 Brian Eno “Nerve Net” Album Warner Bros. Programming


Additional Production & Mix

2000 Elevator Suite Forthcoming Album Infectious

1994 James “Wah Wah” Album Mercury


Additional Production & Re-mix

1999 Merz “Lovely Daughter” Re-mix Epic

1996 Depeche Mode (*) “In Your Room” Single Mute

1996 808 State (*) “Lopez” Single ZTT

1996 Emergency Single TVT

Broadcast Network (*)

1993 Depeche Mode (*) “I Feel You” Re-mix Mute

1992 EMF (*) “Unbelievable” Re-mix Epic



1999 Nicolette EP Treatments

1996 Tricky/Bjork “Keep Your Mouth Shut” Track Island Programming

1995 Bjork (&) “You’ve Been Flirting Again” Re-mix OLI

“Sweet Sweet Intuition” Re-mix OLI

1993 James “Laid” Album Tracks Mercury

Engineered & Mixed

1995 Bjork “Post” Album Tracks OLI Prog, Treatments

1993 Derek Jarman “Blue” Film Programming/Performing



1997 Bjork “Homogenic” Album OLI Prog, Treatments


Mix Engineer

1995 Malcom McClaren “Music For Fashion Shows” Tracks


Programming & Treatments

2000 Peter Gabriel Various Various Real World


(*) with Brian Eno

(&) with Bjork






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