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George Shilling visited Danton Supple with the camera crew on a sunny day in August 2011 to find out how he has got on since our last feature with him over five years ago. In that time Danton has gone on to produce some mega massive smash hit albums for artists such as Cold Play and we think that this is proof that being featured here on RecordProduction.com is good for business


This video is Copyright, please do not copy or redistribute it but please feel free to link to this page! Danton continues to build upon the success of his production and mix work with COLDPLAY and has recently set up his own mix room in the Battery Building where he has been mixing albums for SOULSAVERS, album tracks for IAN BROWN’s finest album to date ‘My Way’ and NATALIE IMBRUGLIAs latest long player. Danton also mixed AMY MACDONALD’s second album ‘A Curious Thing’ (A-listed at BBC Radio 2) as well as producing a solo album for Fightstar frontman, CHARLIE SIMPSON and an album by new artist THE GADSENS.


record producer danton supple in floods studio


Special thanks to Danton and everyone at 140dB for their help in making this feature possible and to George Shilling for asking all of the questions!


Check out Danton Supple's own website and Definition Arts website.

Also, find Danton on Twitter.


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Watch the archive video feature with Danton Supple shot at Eden Studios

dimitri tikovoi record producer in his recording studio london uk


Danton Supple cv


Tan Wei Wei Producer & Mixing Forthcoming Tracks
Finn Bonel Mixer Forthcoming Tracks
The Gadsens Producer & Mixing Forthcoming Album
Toploader Producer & Mixer ‘Only Human’ Album
Sophie Madeleine Mixer Forthcoming Tracks
Charlie Simpson Producer & Mixer ‘Young Pilgrim’ Album
Amy Macdonald Mixer “A Curious Thing” Album
Spandau Ballet Mixer “Once More” Album
Soulsavers Mixer “Broken” Album
Ian Brown Mixer “My Way” Album
Rossie Oddie/Oddessey Mixer “Black America” E.P.
James Mixer “Hey Ma” Album
Natalie Imbruglia Mixer “Come To Life” Album
Fanni Risberg Mixer Forthcoming Album
Amy Macdonald Mixer ‘Run’, ‘Poison Prince’ & ‘Next Big Thing’ Singles
Doug Walker Producer & Mixer “Fear Together” Album
Air Traffic Mixer ‘Come On’ Single
Courtney Love Mixer Forthcoming Album
Orson Mixer ‘Ain’t No Party’ Single
Ed Harcourt Producer & Mixer “You Put A Spell On Me” & “Bella Donna” Tracks
Mr Hudson Mixer “Picture Of You” Track
Thirteen Senses Producer & Mixer “Contact” Album
Ghosts Producer & Mixer “World Is Outside” Album
Lucie Silvas Producer & Mixer “The Same Side” Album
Oceansize Mixer “Everyone Into Position” Album
Liam Frost Producer & Mixer “Show Me How The Spectres Dance” Album
Coldplay Producer “X And Y” Album
Thirteen Senses Producer & Mixer “The Invitation” Album
Electric Soft Parade Mixer “American Adventure” Album
Coldplay Mixer “A Rush Of Blood To The Head” Album Tracks
Electric Soft Parade Engineer “Holes In The Wall” Album
Starsailor Producer “Silence Is Easy” Album
Beth Orton Engineer “Other Side Of Daybreak” Album Tracks
JJ72 Engineer “I To Sky” Album
Doves Engineer “Last Broadcast” Album Tracks
Natalie Imbruglia Engineer “White Lilies Island” Album Track
Ed Harcourt Engineer “Here Be Monsters” Album
Feeder Engineer “Echo Park” Album
Elbow Engineer “Asleep In The Back” Album Tracks
Happy Mondays Engineer “Boys Are Back In Town” Single
The Cure Remix Engineer “Out Of This World” Perfecto Remix
Mansun Remix Engineer “Wide Open Space” Perfecto Remix
Hurricane #1 Remix Engineer “Step Into My World” Perfecto Remix
Patti Smith Engineer & Mixer “Gung Ho” Album Tracks
Suede Mix Engineer “Head Music” Album
Cast Engineer & Mixer “Magic Hour” Album Tracks
Morrissey Producer “Lost” E.P
Morrissey Engineer “Maladjusted” Album
Morrissey Engineer “Southpaw Grammar” Album





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