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Every studio and producer is featured here for free! If you'd like any of our photos for your own use you can purchase from our gallery. Buying photos supports this site!


top record music producers in video interviews and tutiorials


Not only is our work showcased here on (see our sample gallery) but you will see our photography on the covers and inside of many music industry magazines, from Performing Songwriter to Resolution, Audio Media to Billboard, Tape Op to Pro Sound News, Sound on Sound to Music Week, Classic Rock to....


Our work has been used in advertising for large companies including Neumann right through to producers Facebook pages and blogs. Many of our images have been used by the Grammy's, BBC, United Nations, ABC, Music Producers Guild, Musicians Union, APRS and many, many other media outlets.


Please email to discuss your requirements.


It costs nothing to be featured here on this production site. We only charge you for any of our pictures that you would like to use for your own personal or commercial use, web, prints etc. Magazines and media that would like to use our work can contact us here.


guy massey recording engineer at RAK studios


We love making great pictures of recording studios, producers and artists and always strive to be the best. We'd love to take your photographs! You will be hard pressed to find anyone who has taken as many or has been as published!


Many of the photos you'll see in our galleries were taken while filming recording studio or producer features but you can have us come and take your studio or personal photographs at very attractive prices.


Browse our galleries for examples of our work and for stock images



tom rowlands from chemical brothers in his recording studio


Our shoots start from just £ 250 but as every shoot and requirement is different please contact us to work out a price. We welcome assignments outside of the UK. Every shoot is different so please email to discuss your requirements with Elaine.


music producer Mike Pela at Real World Studios



Browse our galleries for examples of our work and for stock images



We offer the following


- Custom high quality studio pictures for your studio website or advertising.
- 'Fly on the wall' session pictures for building depth in your blog or news pages.
- Studio feature photography for use with magazines.
- Stock studio photography for magazines and websites.
- Record producer's or management pictures.
- Artists photography.
- General photography.

- HD Video for all of the above.



grammy wining music producer simon gogerly at his new ssl recording studio in uk





Shoots start from just £ 250. We welcome all assignments. Every shoot is different so please email to discuss your requirements.




Equipment changes and improves all of the time but the equipment is the very best, after many years of taking producer and studio photos we have refined and built up a kit that will ensure we make you look great.



mike cave in the recording area



Don't forget, all studios and producers are featured for free, we only charge for pictures that you would like to use for your own use.


Studios that wish to be featured can have pictures taken at NO cost for use on this site, however any images needed for your use will be charged for as described above or individual images can be purchase with full rights useage in our Licensed Images Gallery. We think that this is fair, you only buy if you are delighted. Note that pictures taken with the aim of being featured on the site will not be to your specification, a custom shoot is much better for your use



top music producer Stuart Bruce at his recording studio



Please email to discuss your requirements.


Further details about our photography services with examples.


Browse the exclusive video archive of leading record producer interviews, recording studio tours. & equipment area.


Keep up to date with all the latest features by visiting the news page and browse the huge archive of high quality pictures of many of the record producers and studios featured on the site.



top music producer sean genockey at rockfield recording studios



All images are shot in RAW so processing of images generally takes a day. If you just want the RAW images there is nothing more to pay and a DVD of the images will be provided but unless you are a Photoshop expert we suggest that you budget a little more for the images to be processed.



mike thorne, recording engineer at rimshot recording studios



Shoots start at just £ 250. We welcome assignments outside of the UK. Every shoot is different so please email to discuss your requirements.




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