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Dusty Wakeman


Over the last twenty-five years, Dusty Wakeman has amassed more than 100 production and engineering credits, working with high profile artists as diverse as Dwight Yoakam, Lucinda Williams, Meat Puppets, Buck Owens, Roy Orbison, K.D. Lang and Jim Lauderdale to name a few. 

He is also the production talent behind Bachelor Number One - Universal for the American Pie Soundtrack and Reacharound - Interscope. An accomplished bass player who's recorded and toured with Michelle Shocked, Jim Lauderdale and Rosie Flores, Wakeman's deep commitment to make music has given him a sensitivity that allows him to transcend genre. While musically versatile, Dusty continues to attract a wealth of talent from the Americana, country and roots rock movements.

To the Texas-born producer/engineer/musician, it's getting to the heart of the music that's important, which is part of what's brought such a diverse group of artists to him. From these experiences, Wakeman's been able to further develop his craft, including the recording of two Grammy award winners including the 1987 Best Country Vocal Collaboration, Roy Orbison/k.d. lang duet of "Crying," and Dwight Yoakam's 1993 Best Country Male Vocal Performance of "Ain't That Lonely Yet".

Wakeman is also the owner of Mad Dog Studios, a 6000 square foot full-service recording facility, located in Burbank, California. Because Wakeman has the advantage of being a working musician, producer and engineer, he brings a unique sensitivity to owning and operating a recording facility. "The more records you make, the more you know," Wakeman explains. "The secret is never to take the process for granted and to always pay attention to what is best for the client's project and to create an environment for the artist to achieve their vision."


Contact Information:

Mike Lembo Management (520) 628-8655 (818) 557-0100 Studio Manager: Brian Kohl



RHETT FRAZIER-Rainy Day/Carport-Welcome To The Club(LP)-Producer/Engineer/Bassist


ROD STEWART-Boulevard- -Engineer

BACHELOR NUMBER ONE*-Warner/Chappell-Got Your Name On It-Producer/Engineer


1999- - - 

ME'SHELL NDEGEOCELLO-Maverick-Bitter(LP)-Engineer

BACHELOR NUMBER ONE-Universal-"Summertime" American Pie Soundtrack*-Producer/Engineer


*Gold Record

1998- - - 

DWIGHT YOAKAM-Warner Bros.-Long Way Home(LP)-Engineer

BILLY TULSA & THE PSCHO CRAWDADS- - Tennessee Rain (LP)-Producer/Engineer

NARAS L.A.- - -Chapter Board of Governors

DIESELHED-Amarillo-Shallow Water Blackout (LP)-Producer/Engineer

ROB ZOMBIE-Album Network-More Human Than Human- Live-Radio Engineer


1997- - -

LONESOME STRANGERS-Little Dog/Mercury-Land Of Opportunity (LP)-Producer/Engineer/Bassist

DWIGHT YOAKAM-Warner Bros.-Come On Christmas(LP)-Engineer

JOY LYNN WHITE:-Little Dog/Mercury-The Lucky Few (LP)-Producer/Engineer/Bassist

DWIGHT YOAKAM-Warner Bros.-Under The Covers (LP)*-Associate Producer/Engineer


*Grammy Nominee: Best Country Album


1996- - - 

REACHAROUND-Carport/Trauma/Interscope-Who Is Tommy Cooper? (LP)-Producer/Engineer

SCOTT JOSS-Little Dog/Mercury-Souvenirs (LP)-Producer/Engineer/Bassist

DIRK HAMILTON-Core Entertainment-sufferupachuckle (LP)-Producer/Engineer

SARA EVANS-RCA-Three Chords And The Truth (LP)-Engineer


1995 - - - 

JIM LAUDERDALE-Atlantic-Every Second Counts (LP)-Producer/Engineer/Bassist

DWIGHT YOAKAM-Warner Bros.-Gone (LP)-Associate Producer/Engineer

BUCK OWENS & MERLE HAGGARD- -The Reunion Concert-Engineer/Mixer

JIM MATT-Little Dog/ Mercury- A Better Place To Live-Producer/Engineer/Bassist

PETE ANDERSON-Little Dog/Mercury-Working Class (LP)-Producer/Engineer/Bassist

HEATHER MYLES-HighTone-Untamed (LP)-Mixer


1994 - - - 

JIM LAUDERDALE-Atlantic -Pretty Close To The Truth (LP)-Producer/Engineer/Bassist

DANNY TATE-Virgin-Nobody's Perfect (LP)-Assoc. Producer/Engineer/Bassist

LA GUARDIA-Serdisco ( Spain )-Accento Del Sur (LP)-Producer/Engineer

CHASERS-Morgan Creek Films - Dennis Hopper, Director-Film Score-Bassist/Engineer

JIM LAUDERDALE- -Montreaux Jazz Festival-Bassist


1993- - - 

DWIGHT YOAKAM-Warner Bros.-This Time* (LP)-Associate Producer/Engineer

TOM RUSSELL-Philo/Sony-Plains Box of Visions (LP)-Co-Producer/Engineer/Bassist

LA GUARDIA-Serdisco ( Spain ) -Contra Reloj (LP)-Producer/Engineer

ANTHONY CRAWFORD-Little Dog-Anthony Crawford (LP)-Co-Producer/Engineer

SOMEBODY'S DARLING-Sonet/Polygram-Somebody's Darling** (LP)-Producer/Engineer/Bassist

ROSIE FLORES-High Tone-Once More With Feeling (LP)-Co-Producer/Engineer/Bassist


*Grammy winner - Best Male Vocal Performance - Triple Platinum Sales
*Platinum Sales - Norway


1992- - - 

LUCINDA WILLIAMS-Chameleon-Sweet Old World (LP)-Co-Producer/Engineer

ROSIE FLORES-HighTone-After The Farm (LP)-Co-Producer/Engineer/Bassist

HEATHER MYLES-HighTone-Just Like Old Times (LP)-Mixer

WYNTON MARSALIS-Delilah Films-A Tribute To Louis Armstrong-Mixer

DWIGHT YOAKAM-Warner/WEA-La Croix D'Amour (LP)-Associate Producer/Engineer

BONEDADDYS-Bonedoggie-Jungle/Jungle (LP)-Co-Producer/Engineer


1991- - - 

STEVE FORBERT-Geffen-The American In Me (LP)-Engineer/Bassist

LA GUARDIA-Serdisco ( Spain )-Al Otro Lado (LP)-Producer/Engineer

MEAT PUPPETS-London-Forbidden Places (LP)-Engineer

STEVE PRYOR BAND-Zoo-Steve Pryor Band (LP)-Associate Producer/Engineer

GIANT SAND-Atlantic-Shadow To You-Producer/Engineer


1990- - - 

VARIOUS ARTISTS-HighTone- L.A. Ya Ya (LP)-Producer/Engineer

MARTIN STEPHENSON & THE DAINTIES-London-Salutation Road (LP)-Engineer/Bassist

DARDEN SMITH-CBS-Trouble No More (LP)-Engineer

DWIGHT YOAKAM-Warner Bros.-If There Was A Way * (LP)-Engineer/Associate Producer

DADDY'S DYING-Propaganda Films-Film Score-Bassist/Engineer


LOS LOBOS-ARISTA-"Bertha"-Engineer

DWIGHT YOAKAM-ARISTA – Deadicated - Compilation:"Truckin'"-Engineer

JACKSON BROWNE-Elektra-Ruby'At –Compilation- "First Girl I Loved"-Engineer

CHRIS SPEDDING-New Rose-Cafe Days (LP)-Mixer


*Platinum Sales


1989 - - - 

MICHELLE SHOCKED-Polygram-Captain Swing (LP)-Bassist/Programmer

TISH HINOJOSA-A&M-Homeland (LP)-Mixer

LONESOME STRANGERS-High Tone-The Lonesome Strangers (LP)-Mixer

NEVILLE BROTHERS-Cinemax Sessions-Tell It Like It Is-Mixer


1988- - - 

JIM LAUDERDALE-CBS-Point of No Return (LP) -Bassist/Engineer

BUCK OWENS-Capitol-Hot Dog (LP)-Bassist/Mixer

DWIGHT YOAKAM-Warner Bros.-Buenas Nochas From A Lonely Room* (LP)-Engineer

LUCINDA WILLIAMS-Rough Trade-Lucinda Williams (LP)-Engineer


*Platinum Sales

1987- - - 

BONEDADDYS-Chameleon-A-Koo-De-A (LP)-Producer/Engineer

ROSIE FLORES-Warner Bros.-Rosie Flores (LP)-Engineer

GEORGE HIGHFILL-Warner Bros.-My Sweet Love Ain't Around (LP)-Engineer

DWIGHT YOAKAM-Warner Bros.-Hillbilly Deluxe* (LP)-Engineer

VARIOUS ARTISTS-Enigma-A Town South of Bakersfield vol. 2 (LP)-Engineer

ROY ORBISON & k.d. Lang- -"Crying"**-Engineer


*Platinum Sales
Grammy Winner - Best Country Vocal Collaboration



LONESOME STRANGERS – Wrestler - Lonesome Pine (LP) - Engineer

DWIGHT YOAKAM - Warner Bros. - Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc., Etc.* (LP) - Engineer

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Enigma - A Town South of Bakersfield vol. 1 (LP) – Engineer






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