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James Sanger

James Sanger is arguably the most innovative young programmer working in the UK today. Within the last year James has worked on new albums and tracks in the UK and US for Dido (from Faithless), Gabrielle, Grant Lee Buffalo, Tricky, Cassius, Screaming Orphans, Suede, Marie-Therese, Fiona Prince, Faithless, Sinead O’Connor, The Pet Shop Boys also fresh tracks from The Cardigans, Bryan Adams and k d lang and singles for Marie-Therese and Headswim.

With Mike Hedges he has mixed the new Cure single ‘Maybe Someday’ and is remixing tracks for the forthcoimng U2 album and with Ian Masterson (Trouser Enthusiasts) he is remixing French legend Serge Gainsborg.

James is a favourite of such producer luminaries as Mike Hedges, Brian Eno, Rick Nowels, Rollo and Ash Howes and is signed to Chrysalis Music as a writer and to Echo Records as an artist under the name Arc Angel.

James began using computer and hardware sequencers in 1985 starting on Cubase on the Atari and progressing onto Logic Audio /Pro Tools on the Mac. He is fluent in Logic Audio Platinum, Cubase, Pro-Tools and K.C.S and has a conversational level ability in Digital Performer, Music X and Studio Vision-Pro. He has Metasynth, Rebirth, Recycle, Peak, and Alchemy and many other Mac programs.

Equipment : James has a Programming room set up based at Jacobs Studio in Surrey.

He has three separate Pro Tools systems which are flight-cased and portable:

System 1 24 bit core system/24 bit 888 interface/20 bit 882 interface/16 bit 882 interface Midi time piece AV & extra d.s.p card in a 9600 Mac (runs Logic Audio Platinum).

System 2 ADAT bridge card interface/ Project Pro Tools/ Midi time piece AV/ 02r digital mixing desk / 9600 Mac running Logic Audio Platinum.

System 3 Project Pro Tools in a nubus Mac 7100 with an 882 interface.

Opcode studio four mini box running Logic Audio Platinum.

Samplers: 2 Ensoniq ASR 10 with 12 meg memory and CD rom drives/ Ensoniq EPS 16+ fully expanded Kurzweil K2000 sampler/synth with 32meg and CD rom drive/ Akai S3000 sl with 32 meg memory.

Other equipment: Notron (Jellyfish!) - the 12th ever made!! / Suzuki Omnichord 0m300/ Roland tb 303 with full midi spec/ Roland vsc 350 rack vocoder / Moog vocoder/ Korg mono/poly/ Korg ms 10 / Yamaha cs10 analogue keyboard/ Korg paraphonic 505 / Oberheim Matrix 1000/ Roland Jupiter 6/ Roland Space Echo / Electro harmonic effects/ Lexicon Jam men/ Assorted pedals.

Contact James via Stephen Budd Management.




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