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Julian Standen

Producer / Engineer

Background: American born (1960), Londoner from 1969 onwards. As a young guitarist, recorded and toured the UK with two punk bands. Dropped guitar in 1982 to join Matrix Studios as “tea boy”, became House Engineer, left after 6 years to freelance in production.

Took a break (91-93) from the UK recession to promote indie clubs in Berlin for a riotous two years, bouncing back to the UK with the worldwide Lemonheads hit “Mrs Robinson”.  Currently recording bands directly into to Digidesign Pro Tools at a large studio, then finishing off all ovedubbing and mixing at his own 'The Library Studio'.


Recent projects include:

  • Tracks- Inimenter (E/P/M) TBC
  • Album - Andy Mitchell (E) Telstar/DeCode
  • Picture this, Fourteen - TWIST (E/P/M) Org & 1970 Recordings
  • Last in line, Joey lost His Mind - Singles Crackout (E/P/M) , Hut Recordings


(E) = Engineered, (P) = Produced, (AP) = Additional Production, (M) = Mixed

“The Smiths” - Album THE SMITHS (assistant engineer, 1st album) Rough Trade

“Cities in Dust” - Single, SIOUSXSIE & THE BANSHEES (E) Polydor

“Majestic Head”, “Kingdom Chairs” - Singles, THE SOUP DRAGONS (E/P/M) Sire

“The Poison Boyfriend” - Album, MOMUS (E/P/M) Creation

“Mrs Robinson” - Single THE LEMONHEADS (P/M) Atlantic US

“Great Fire”, “Barrier” - Singles, CHINA DRUM (P/M) Fluffy Bunny /Mantra

“Last Song Ever”, Single SYMPOSIUM (E/P/M) Fierce Panda

“Nude Star” - Single , GARAGELAND (E/P) Infectious

“Paper eyes”, “Always Echoes” - Singles , LLAMA FARMERS (E/P/M) fierce panda

“Rosie & Jim”, “Catching Ants” - Singles, GEL (E/P/M) Che / Sire

“Better Than Myself” & Princes & Princesses” Singles, CAY (E/P/M) Org/ East West

“For Danny” - Single, ROTHCO (E/CO-P/M) fierce panda
Single, BILLY MAHONEY (E/CO-P/M) fierce panda
Single, BIKINI ATOLL (E/CO-P/M) fierce panda

“Nature Creates Freaks”, Album (5 tracks), CAY (E/P/M) East West

Forthcoming Album, CHEWY (E/P/M) TBC

Contact via: 








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