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Real Producers

John Fryer

Starting out at Blackwing Studio in London, John’s early career saw him working with seminal 4 A.D. and Mute artists including Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil.

John virtually defined a genre with his production work on the now classic Nine Inch Nails debut album “Pretty Hate Machine” and went on to enjoy massive success in modern rock with the likes of Stabbing Westward and Gravity Kills. Not confined to one style however, John mixed the US breakthrough album for Jesus Jones “Doubt” and has also mixed or re-mixed White Zombie and Sarah McLachlan amongst many others.

John Fryer, as detailed below in his impressive discography, has the ability to work with a wide variety of musical styles. He says he likes only to work with "good" music.



2000 Cradle Of Filth In Progress Album M.F.N.

2000 Paradise Lost Forthcoming Album EMI

2000 Raging Speedhorn Forthcoming EP Green Island Records

1999 Rachel Stamp “Hymns For Strange Children” Album

1999 Him “Razorblade Romance” Album RCA

1999 Psychotica “Pandemic” Album Red Ant Ent.

1998 Neon Forthcoming Tracks Atlantic

1998 Hookey Tracks Tracks Sanctuary Group

1998 Rico “Dear God”, “Black Limousine” Tracks Chrysalis

1997 Love In Reverse Track Single Reprise

1997 Geek “Geek” Album Columbia

1997 Gwen Mars “Gwen Mars” Album Hollywood

1996 Sister Machine Gun "Metropolis" Album Wax Trax/TVT

1996/7 Andrea Parker Tracks Tracks Mo Wax

1996 Radio Iodine “Tiny Warnings” Album Radioactive

1996 Solar Race "Resilient Little Muscle" Single Silvertone

1996 Stella Maris "Gastarbeiter" EP One Little Indian

1995 Stabbing Westward "Wither, Blister, Burn & Peel" Album Columbia

“What Do I Have To Do?” Single

1995 Love & Rockets "Sweet F.A." Album American/Beggars

1994 Bang Bang Machine "Amphibian" EP & Album Ultimate

1994 Bootsauce "Bootsauce" Album PolyGram Canada

1994 Kristin Hersh "Strings" EP 4 A.D. Ltd

1993 Zu "Apart" EP The Echo Label

1993 Stabbing Westward "Ungod" Album Columbia

1992 The Beautiful "Storybook" Album Giant/Warner Bros

1992 Mint 400 "Gas" EP Food

1992 Mint 400 "Natterjack Joe" EP Food

1992 Die Krupps "One" Album Rough Trade

1992 Die Krupps “Tribute To Metallica” EP Rough Trade

1991 This Mortal Coil "Blood" Album 4 A.D. Ltd

1991 The Dylans "Lemon Afternoon" Single Beggars Banquet

1990 Daniel Ash "Coming Down" Album Beggars Banquet

1990 Pale Saints "Comforts Of Madness" Album 4 A.D. ltd

1990 Moev "Head Down" Album Nettwerk

1989 Nine Inch Nails "Pretty Hate Machine" Album TVT/Island

“Sin” Single

“Something I Can Never Have” Single

1989 Love & Rockets "Love and Rockets" Album Beggars Banquet

“So Alive” Single

1989 Lush "Sear" EP 4 A.D. Ltd

1989 Lush "Gala" US only comp album 4 A.D. Ltd

1988 Wire "It's Beginning To and Back Again" Album Mute

1986 This Mortal Coil "Filigree and Shadow" Album 4 A.D. Ltd

1986 Wolfgang Press "Standing Up Straight" Album 4 A.D. Ltd

1985 Colourbox "Colourbox" Album 4 A.D. Ltd

1984 This Mortal Coil "It'll End In Tears" Album 4 A.D. Ltd

1983 Cocteau Twins "Sunburst & Snowblind" EP 4 A.D. Ltd

1983 Cocteau Twins "Head Over Heels" Album 4 A.D. Ltd

1983 Fad Gadget "Incontinent" Album Mute

1982 Fad Gadget "Under The Flag" Album Mute

Additional Production and Mix

1999 Cradle Of Filth “From The Cradle To Enslave” Single Music For Nations

1999 Apollyon Sun “Reefer Boy” Album Track Sanctuary

1995 Gravity Kills "Gravity Kills" Album TVT

“Guilty” Single

1995 Sister Machine Gun "Burn" Album Wax Trax/TVT

Remixed with Additional Production

1996 Greg Garing Tracks Tracks Revolution

1996 White Zombie "Super Charger Heaven"/"I Zombie" Tracks Geffen

1996 Messiah Tracks Tracks American

1995 Solar Race "Solar Race EP" EP Silvertone

1995 Gregory Gray "I'm Not Paranoid" Single EMI America

1994 Bootsauce "Caught Looking At You" Single PolyGram Canada

1993 Sarah McLachlan "Possession" Single Nettwerk

1992 Blur "Popscene"/"Bang" Singles Food

1990 Sarah McLachlan "Into The Fire" Single Arista


1999 Cradle Of Filth “Of Blood and Fu*#ing” Single Music For Nations

1997 Hope Blister Forthcoming Album Album 4 A.D. Ltd

1996 Pink Noise Test Tracks Album Tracks Interscope

1996 Dig "Stop Holding Your Breath" Single Radioactive

1996 James Hall "Illingness" Single Geffen/MCA

1994 Lush "Undertow"/"Invisible Man" Singles 4 A.D. Ltd

1993 Anthrax "Black Lodge" Single Elektra

1992 Radiohead mixes Tracks Parlophone

1992 Throwing Muses "Firepile" EP 4 A.D. Ltd

1991 Jesus Jones "Doubt" Album Food

1990 Chapterhouse "Whirlpool" Album Tracks Dedicated

1989 Pere Ubu "Live" Live Album

1988 Laibach "Sympathy For The Devil" Single Mute

1988 Barry Adamson "Moss Side Story" Album Mute

1987 Fields Of The Nephelim "Dawn Raiser" Album Beggars Banquet

1981 Colin Newman tracks Tracks 4 A.D. Ltd

(vocalist with Wire)

Engineered & Mixed

1990 Alison Moyet "Raindance" Tracks Columbia

1990 Reggae Phil. Orch. "Bob Marley Tribute" Album Island

1988 Depeche Mode "Behind The Wheel" Single Mute

1982 Depeche Mode "A Broken Frame" Album Mute


1987 M.A.R.R.S. "Pump Up The Volume" Single 4 A.D. Ltd

1982 Yazoo "Only You" Single Mute






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