London Studio Engineers

London Studio Engineers is a 'collective' of some young recording engineers who have vast experience in every aspect of the recording process and are available for all of your projects needs – from writing and pre-production through to the final mix.


The key engineers are Edd Hartwell and Sam Farr. Both engineers have worked at SARM Studios under big name producers including Trevor Horn and Steve Lipson. They have an excellent working knowledge in the use and setup of digital and analogue equipment including practical knowledge and expertise in Pro Tools HD, Logic Pro, SSL 9000J/K, 4000E/G, AWS, Duality, Neve VR & 88RS. They're also well versed in most popular plug-ins and software instruments, timing, tuning and editing.


The engineers can organise the setup of live rooms for tracking everything from orchestras and live bands through to single instrument overdubs to mixing in the box or in a studio. They have access to some of the best rooms around and they can come and help you in your own studio. With the days of limited budgets but many people having good basic recording set-ups at their own home studio, they can help you extract the most from your equipment and help arrange locations to record important things such as drums.


london recording studio engineers sam farr and edd hartwell


Sam Farr


Having worked for over a decade in music production and live sound, Sam has a gained a reputation for delivering audio of the highest quality. Sam’s credits include artists as diverse as Robbie Williams, John Legend, Shakira, JLS, Jeff Beck and Nigel Kennedy. Sam opened Ravenscourt Studios in 2011 where the majority of his work now takes place. Sam has also worked as a sound designer and mixer on award winning tv ads for clients including Nike, Toyota, Cadbury and Nintendo.


Edd Hartwell


An experienced engineer, Edd started his musical career playing guitar and saxophone in bands, until a newfound love of studios and sound engineering was discovered. Since becoming an engineer, Edd has worked with the likes of Tony Visconti, Guy Massey, Stephen Lipson, Jim Abbiss and Trevor Horn on a regular basis, racking up UK number 1 albums and a Grammy nomination for best engineered album. Credits include The Noisettes, Ed Sheeran, Jeff Beck, The Kooks, The Prodigy, Kt Tunstall and Yes, amongst others.


LSE can also save backups of your work both locally and to our secure “cloud” storage system.


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