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Manhattan Center Studios video features

Manhattan Center Studios, home to two of Manhattan’s most unique event spaces offer an amazing setting for events of all kinds. With superb in-house recording studios, television studios and video post production facilities, the Manhattan Center offers a complete multimedia experience - Watch 4 in depth streaming video features shot at the studios!

manhattan center studios orchestral recording

Located at 311 West 34th Street, in the heart of midtown New York City, the landmark Manhattan Center building still stands nearly 100 years after it was first built as the Manhattan Opera House by Oscar Hammerstein in 1906. It's now one of the most desirable recording studios in the World and we are delighted to feature the studios.

watch our streaming video features of recording studio tours and record producer featuresVIDEO FEATURES

Video 1 - Part 1 of 3 "100 years of history"

Video 2 - Part 2 of 3 "The Next 100 years"

Video 3 - Part 3 of 3 "The Most important thing"

Video 4 - The condensed 10 minute video.

manhattan center studio new york recording studio facility

Manhattan Center is well established as one of New York’s premier scoring stage due to its superior acoustics and facilities. The name of the building was changed to Manhattan Center in 1940, helping to attract many other types of events. In 1986, Manhattan Center Studios (MCS) was formed with the purpose of developing a multimedia company. MCS expanded the audio recording facilities in 1993 when Studio 4, known as the Log Cabin, became operational.

manhattan center studios - studio 4 recording space

Studio 7 was rebuilt in 1996 to become a state-of-the-art control room capable of servicing all types of recordings and live events in the Grand Ballroom and Hammerstein Ballroom. While the recording studios were first used as in-house studios, they soon became open to the wider audio recording community.

The control room to the Hammerstein Ballroom and the Grand Ballroom, Studio 7 is perfect for large scale productions. Studio 7 provides superb facilities for film scores, orchestral recordings or virtually any recording where superior acoustics are critical. Recording and mixing through the Neve VR96 console in either 5.1 Surround or Stereo to Pro Tools HD, Sony 3348 digital, 48-track analog or other format of your choice.

manhattan center studios - studio 7 main studio control room showing neve console

Studio 4, Manhattan Center Studios Log Cabin Suite, offers musicians a rustic and relaxed environment in the heart of NYC. This excellent recording studio houses a cutting edge control room, a spacious live room complete with a drum booth along with a comfortable VIP room and lounge with a kitchenette. Record or mix through the Neve VR72 console with Pro Tools HD Accel, 2" analog or digital tape.

We strongly recomend Manhattan Center Studios. Possibly one of the most versatile facilities anywhere with not only World class recording studios but a whole host of other related services including post production and video production!

manhattan studios - control room of studio 4

Special thanks to everyone at the Manhattan Center Studios for all of their help in making this unique series of video features possible and special thanks to Johnny Jaskot of Babblefish for his excellent work in producing these features!

Find out much more about the Manhattan Center Studios by visiting their website. Images reproduced with kind permission of Manhattan Center Studios.

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