Andy Gill - Record Producer

Special video interview with legendary record producer Andy Gill


Andy Gill is one of the most gifted record producers that we know. His career started in the late 70's as guitarist with the Gang of Four. He then moved in to record production and produced the first Red Hot Chilli Peppers album, Michael Hutchance, Killing Joke and many others.


Recently Andy has been very busy working with the Young Knives (this album is on the Mercury Awards shortlist) and has been recording with the Gang of Four.


We are delighted to bring this exclusive video interview with Andy shot at his superb private recording studio in London.


Special thanks to Nigel Jopson for asking the questions - read the print interview in Resolution magazine - and to the Sundae Club for the music.


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Music producer Andy Gill at the mixing desk in his recording studio



For more information about Andy visit his website.







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