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Mike Cave's Mixing Tips - Video One - Getting a better bottom End in a Mix

Mike Cave's Mixing Tips - Video Two - Getting great Vocals in a Mix

Mike Cave's Mixing Tips - Video Three - Mix Buss Processing



We have been trying to record a feature with excellent mix and mastering guy Mike Cave for several years and then we get to shoot several all at the same time! Russell Cottier visited with the camera to both interview Mike to find out more about his growing international reputation and to record several 'top tips' for a new series that we are rolling out for RP.


The full Mike Cave video interview will be here shortly but over the next month a few choice pro recording and mixing tips will be added on to this page so please check back soon for more...


mike cave - recording engineer and mix engineer


This first video segment is a quick look at preparing to mix and creating space in the bottom end to help give bass instruments more power and space in a mix.


Mike Cave is a musician who turned mixer/producer started his career playing guitar, keyboards and the drums in a selection of bands in Liverpool from the age of thirteen and bythe time he had turned fifteen he was engineering sessions for his own bands- and others in the area.


After studdying at the London College of Music a band he was in had a major record deal with Mercury giving him the to spend a few years working in the studio with some of the top guys, Mike Neilsen, Jeremy Wheatley, Kevin Bacon and Jonathan Quarmby. Soon after a long in-house engineer stint at Parr Street Studios followed with Mike working with people including Ken Nelson, Jeremy Wheatley and Brendan Lynch.


After Mike went freelance he opened his own Loft Studios in the centre of Liverpool and Mike has built a solid reputation as a mixer / producer / mastering engineer and has worked with The Zutons, The Coral, The Charlatans, Professor Green, Elvis Costello, Noisettes, Tinchy Stryder, James Vincent McMorrow, John Martyn, Yuksek, Bob Dylan and Echo & The Bunnymen. Mike's had a string of top ten albums & singles and several multi-platinum, gold & silver sales awards.


mike cave in the studios


Mike Cave Credits


James Vincent McMorrow – Early In The Morning (LP) – Believe [GOLD]

Lisa Lois – Smoke (LP) – Sony [DOUBLE PLATINUM]

The Charlatans – Up At The Lake (LP) – Island [GOLD]

Nicole Scherzinger – Killer Love (LP) – Interscope [GOLD]

Bodyrockers – Bodyrockers (LP) – Mercury [SILVER]


James Vincent McMorrow – Early In The Morning (LP) – Believe [NO1 ALBUM]

Lisa Lois – Smoke (LP) – Sony [NO1 ALBUM + 2 x NO1 SINGLES]

The Charlatans – Up At The Lake (LP) – Island [No1 ALBUM]

Nicole Scherzinger – Killer Love (LP) – Interscope [No3 ALBUM + No8 SINGLE]

100% – Just Can’t Wait “Saturday” (Single) – CR2 [No1 SINGLE]

Noisettes – Contact (LP) – Add Prod/Add-Rec/Mix – Absolute/Mono-Ra-Rama

I Am A Camera – Factory Boys(Single) – Add Prod/Mix/Mastered – Columbia

Rochelle – You vs Me (LP) – Add Prod/Mix – Sony

Tiro Lark – Hollywood (EP) – Prod/Mix/Mastered – Two Dogs

ALB – I Beg For The Summer (EP) – Mastered – Peugeot/Universal

Miyavi vs Yuksek – Day 1 (Single) – Mastered – EMI

John Martyn – Heaven And Earth (LP) – Rec – Absolute

Tinchy Stryder – Oh No (Single) – Add Prod/Mix – Island

Sandy Denny/Gilmore – Don’t Stop Singing (LP) – Co-Prod/Mix/Mast – Island

Yuksek – Living On The Edge Of Time (LP) – Add Prod/Mix/Mastered – Fiction

James Vincent McMorrow – Early In The (LP) – Add Prod/Mix/Mastered – Believe

Nicole Scherzinger – Killer Love (LP) – Mix – Interscope

Enrique Iglesias – Heartbeat (Single) – Mix – Polydor

Delta Maid – Spend A Little Time (LP) – Add Prod/Mix/Mastered – Future

Think About Life – Havin’ My Baby (Single) – Add Prod/Mix/Mastered – Opak

Bob Dylan/Various – Chimes Of Freedom (LP) – Co-Prod/Rec – Fontana

Delta Maid – Thats The Way It Is (Single) – Prod/Mix/Mastered – Future

September – Me And My Microphone (Single) - Mix/Mastered – AATW

Thea Gilmore – John Wesley Harding (LP) - Mix/Mastered – Fullfill

Delta Maid – Without You (EP) – Prod/Mix/Mastered – Future

ROX – Memoirs (LP) – Mix/Mastered – Rough Trade

Thea Gilmore – Murphy’s Heart (LP) – Co-Prod/Mix/Mastered – Fullfill

Bicycle Thieves – Stop To Start (EP) – Prod/Mix/Mastered – Loog

Lisa Lois – Smoke (LP) – Add Prod/Mix/Mastered – Sony

John Martyn – On The Cobbles (LP) – Rec – Independiente

Thea Gilmore – Strange Communion (LP) – Co-Prod/Mix/Mastered – Fullfill

Thea Gilmore – Recorded Delivery (LP) – Co-Prod/Mix/Mastered – Fullfill

Isolated Atoms – Tell Me What I Want (EP) – Prod/Mix/Mastered – Weekender

The Zutons – Tower Of Strength (Single) – Prod/Mix/Mastered – EMI

Thea Gilmore – You Spin Me (Single) – Prod/Mix/Mastered – EMI

Alana Levandoski – Lions & Werewolves (LP) – Mastered – Blue Lily

Icicle Works – The Lost Tapes (LP) – Add Prod/Mix/Mastered – Universal

Joan Baez – Day After Tomorrow (LP) – Rec – Proper

Elvis Costello – Don’t Throw Your Love Away (Single) - Mastered – EMI

Thea Gilmore – Come Up (Single) – Co-Prod/Mix/Mastered – Fullfill

Vib Gyor – We Are Not An Island (LP) – Prod/Rec/Mix/Mastered – Universal

Thea Gilmore – Liejacker (LP) – Co-Prod/Mix/Mastered – Fullfill

Various – Liverpool Number Ones Project (LP) - Prod/Mix/Mastered – EMI

Brian Houston – Sugar Queen (LP) – Co-Prod/Mix/Mastered – BHS

Ian McNabb – Philharmonic Live (LP) – Rec/Mix/Mastered – Universal

Joan Coffey – Struggles & Lulls (LP) – Co-Prod/Mix/Mastered – CD Baby

Sandy Thom – Rainbird (Single) – Co-Prod/Rec – Island

Katy Lied – Late Arrival (LP) – Co-Prod/Mix/Mastered – Universal


mike cave in the recording area


The Charlatans – Forever (LP) – Rec/Add Prod – Island

Yousef – Underwater Solo (LP) – Co-Prod/Mix/Mastered – Ministry

The Open – Remember (Single) – Add Prod/Mix – Loog

The Open – Get Away (Single) – Add Prod/Mix – Loog

The Open – Drown (Single) – Add Prod/Mix – Loog

The Open – Brown Paper (Single) – Add Prod/Mix – Loog

Ian McNabb – Before All Of This – Co-Prod/Mix/Mastered – Universal

Alfa 9 – Then We Begin (LP) – Prod/Rec/Mix – Blow Up

Thea Gilmore – Loft Music (LP) – Co-Prod/Rec/Mix/Mastered – Fullfill

Martin Harley Band – Drum Rolls (LP) – Co-Prod/Rec/Mix/Mastered – MHB

Yousef – My Own Best (Single) – Co-Write/Prod/Rec/Mix/Mastered – Circus

The Charlatans – Up At The Lake (LP) – Add-Prod/Rec – Universal

Bodyrockers – Bodyrockers (LP) – Add-Prod/Rec – Mercury

Ian McNabb – Gentleman Adventurer (LP) – Rec/Mix – Universal

Echo And The Bunnymen – Slideling (LP) – Rec/Mix – Echo

Thea Gilmore – Avalanche (LP) – Co-Prod/Rec/Mix – Hungry Dog

Thea Gilmore – Cover Me (Single) – Co-Prod/Rec/Mix/Mastered – Uncut

The Coral – Calendars & Clocks (EP) – Rec – Deltasonic/Sony

The Coral – Oldest Path (EP) – Rec – Deltasonic/Sony

100% – Just Can’t Wait “Saturday” (Single) – Co-Write/Prod/Mix - CR2

The Rain Band – The Rain Band (LP) – Co-Prod/Rec – Island

The Rain Band – The World Is Ours (Single) – Co-Prod/Rec – Island

The Rain Band – Knee Deep And Down (Single) – Co-Prod/Rec – Island

The Rain Band – Art Of Mass Destruction (LP) – Co-Prod/Rec – Island

Big Yoga Muffin – My Idea Of Fun (Single) – Rec – Echo

Medusa’s Spite – Life in 2001 (EP) – Add-Prod/Mix – Baby

Cracatilla – What Do I Know (Single) – Co-Prod/Rec/Mix – Honey

Cracatilla – You’ve Got It All (Single) – Co-Prod/Rec/Mix – Honey

3rd Dan – Guess I Wanted More (EP) – Prod/Rec/Mix/Mastered – Honey

Armani – Milan Fashion Show (5.1) – Write/Prod/Mix – Armani

Futurebound – Red Lights (EP) – Co-Write/Prod/Rec/Mix – Infrared


Contact Mike via his website MikeCave.co.uk




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