Mike Exeter - Recording and Mixing Engineer

Mike Exeter talks about his home studio setup in the first video above.



Visit Mike Exeter's website for more information and contact details



Interview with Mike Exeter. Mike is a leading rock recording and mix engineer who's - recent 'big credits' were Black Sabbath's and Judas Priest's albums.



Also - Check Mike Exeter talking drum recording with Austen Kilburn


We have known Mike for many years and are very pleased to at long last get him in front of the camera. George Shilling visited with the film crew to talk about his recent work with Rick Rubin recording the new Black Sabbath album.


mike exeter behind the ssl mixing board


Mike has had a very busy few years working with some major international rock artisits so we were keen to find out how he managed to get the gigs and get some tips on getting excellent rock sounds.


Mike Exeter is on Facebook so contact him there


recording engineer Mike Exeter in the recording studio


Many thanks to George Shilling and Woodworm Studios for their studio to film in, a snap of the studio:


the main recording area at woodworm studios





recording equipment shop