Studio Tour

Momentum Studios

George Shilling's studio tour

George Shilling takes us on a tour of Momentum Studios

George Shilling was working at the studio recording Billie Bottle’s Temple of Shibboleth (link below) and liked it so much that he got out the trusty iPhone to record a quick tour around Momentum Studios. We hope to visit and record a feature with the studio owner when we can but this is a great look in to a very nice studio - a perfect studio if you're looking for a nice place to record in the South West of England!

Momentum Studios was founded by Josiah Manning in 2009. The original recording space was solely designed and built by Josiah with the help of his Grandfather when he was just 18yrs. Momentum has since tripled in size and continues to accommodate large production projects, major label signed bands and artists from all over the world. The main live room has been specifically designed for recording drums but the studio also offers 2 separate ‘dry booths’ with adjustable acoustic treatment. Josiah prides himself on being a multi-genre producer with a diverse taste in music but is especially passionate about cross-genres.

Studio Equipment

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Consoles and Outboard

Allen and Heath GSR24M Mixing console
Lynx Aurora 32 I/O AD/DA mastering grade converter
Focusrite ISA 828 Preamp Unit
Golden Age Pre-73 Neve Clone Mic Preamp
Thermionic Culture Vulture valve distortion unit
Warm Audio WA-2A Compression unit
Warm Audio WA-76 FET Compression unit
Golden Age EQ-73 Eq unit
Roland Dep3 Reverb
Native Instruments Maschine Mikro
Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Plus+ Software


Neumann KH310a 3-way nearfield monitors
Yamaha NS10 Near-field reference monitors
X4 Behringer Powerplay monitor-mix units running off cat 5 for up to 16 seperate mix channels per user. 


Apple Mac Studio, M1 Ultra, 20 core CPU, 40 core GPU, 64GB RAM, 27” display. (Running, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools Native) *Please specify your DAW preference upon booking.
17" MacBook Pro w/ Intel i7 8GB DDR3 (Running Logic Pro X)


Neumann U87 (1970's)
Coles 4038 X2
Neumann KMS 104 X2
AKG C414 B-ULS X2 (1980's)
Shure SM7
Sennheiser MD421 x2
Sontronics Sigma (ribbon)
SE SE8 Condenser X4
SE X1 Condenser
AKG D112
AKG c3000s
AUDIX D-Series Drum Mics (inc D6 Kick Mic)
SHURE 57Beta X2
ADK Generic Condenser
Proel Vocal 58 X2 

Guitar | Bass Amps

Orange Rockerverb MKIII Head
Bad Cat LynxX 40 Head
Marshall JCM 2000 Dual Lead Head
Vox AC30 CC2 Combo Amp
Cornford Combo Guitar Amp
Orange TH30 Guitar Amp Head
Mills 4x12 guitar cab
Marshall Lead 1960 4x12 cab
Orange 50th anniversary 4x12 guitar cab
Mark Bass Casa Head
Mark Bass Casa 8x10 Cab

Synthesizers | Pianos

Chappel 7ft-1 1930's Grand Piano (reconditioned)
Ernst Kaps 1900's Upright Piano Fender
Fender Rhodes Mk 1 - 73
Hammond XK5 Single Manual Organ
Leslie 251 Rotary Speaker (pairs with XK5)
Hammond L121 Valve Organ (1970's vintage)
Korg Kronos 2 88 Synthesizer Workstation
MicroKorg Synthesizer
Roland JX-3P (1980's vintage synth) 

Drums | Cymbals

Mapex Deep Forest Walnut Kit - 22” 10” 12” 14” 16” including hardware
14x6.5” Vintage Worldmax Hammered Brass Snare
13” Yamaha Maple Custom Snare
14” Ahead Maple Snare
14” Pearl Brass World Series Snare
21” Sabian Omni Ride
16” Meinl Byzanze Medium Crash
18” Meinl Byzanze Medium Crash
16” Meinl Byzanze Dark Hihats
14” Istanbul XIST Hihats
20” Sabian Xplosion Crash
20” Sabian AAX Dark Crash
18” Sabian Oriental China

Guitars | Basses 

Fender custom shop strat w/ Wilkinson floating trem
Baccus Nautilus Baritone
Fender Telecaster USA 1983
Eastman E6D Acoustic Guitar
Lakland Darryl Jones 5 String Jazz Bass
Elektra Les Paul (1970's Vintage Peter Frampton Special)
Yamaha Standard Precision Bass
Westone Spectrum ST 1980's Electric Guitar
Torre 1970's Flamenco Nylon String (Vintage)


Many thanks to George Shilling for taking time to record this!