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A Canadian Studio with some fabulous 
classic (and new) gear


mushroom studios

Shawn Penner, Scott Ternan, Charlie Knowles and Bryon Low.


Mushroom's story:

Winter 2002: MUSHROOM STUDIOS, Vancouver Canada, has announced the installation of a new PROTOOLS HD3 system.


The system was configured and installed by Bryon Low of the AnnexPro of Vancouver. The system specs are 3 / 192 interfaces for 24 in and 48out capability. Run by a G4/933 Power Mac with external GLYPH drives, and the EMAGIC System Bridge with the HD extension for running Logic Audio as well. All of this is viewed on a 17” LCD flat screen monitor.


Warne Livesey behind the controls at Mushroom Studios

Warne Livesey works on the updated console


“This nicely compliments our classic Neve 8068 console and fantastic outboard selection,” says Valerie Biggin, Mushroom Studios Manager.

“With one 16 track and two 24 track Studer tape machines and now the HD3 ProTools we’re ready for anything.”


mushroom studio


"We were purchased by John Wozniak from the band MarcyPlayground in Feb '99 and have been upgrading since."

wpeC4.jpg (38767 bytes) The mic list ranges from a matched set of C-12 (original) Coles 4038's , Scheopps 221b's Neuman U47 tubes and 87's and on and on.

Mushroom has been recording major acts for 35 years from Heart, Loverboy, Gillian Anderson with HAL , Sarah McLaughlin, BTO, Ringo Starr etc....

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Studio floor plan

Web site is at which offers extensive information on the studio. We encourage you to check it out!

For more information please call Sayo Nickerson at (604) 718-9091 or send an e-mail to

Mushroom Studios
1234 West 6th Ave.,
Vancouver, BC Canada
V6H 1A5

phone: 604-718-9091 
Fax 604-732-1234
email :


We think that Mushroom is now Hippo West Studios



54.40 Age of Electric Gillian Anderson Long John Baldry Veronique Beliveau Barney Bentall Bim Blue Rodeo Bolero Lava John Bottomley Bourne & McLeod B.T.O. Caterwaul Catherine Wheel CBC Vancouver Orchestra Chilliwack Tom Cochrane Copyright Paul Dean Gaye DeLorme Charlotte Diamond Dobb & Dumela Jerry Doucette Einsturzende Neubauten Facepuller Fear Factory Norm Foote Roy Forbes Jim Foster Geggy Tah Ginger Go Four 3 The Grapes of Wrath Heart Hilt Paul Hyde I, Braineater Chris Isaak Images in Vogue Terry Jacks Colin James Jazzberry Ram Jet Set Satellite Sass Jordan Jr. Gone Wild Connie Kaldor Lava Hay Loverboy Man Will Surrender Marcy Playground Mud Girl Murray McLachlan Sarah McLachlan Art Bergman Millennium Project Moev Mae Moore MT. Vessels The Murmurs Mystery Machine Numb Faith Nolan The Odds One Horse Blue The Paperboys The Poppy Family Prism Queensryche Joelle Rabu Raffi Retrograde The Rose Chronicles Rusty Rymes With Orange Jane Siberry Skid Row Skinny Puppy Slowburn SNFU Spine Shank Spirit of the West Ringo Starr Strange Advance Rosalie Sorrels The Supremes Tankhog Tear Garden Templar Trooper Two Ton Boa UHF Uzume Taiko Valdy Luc Van Acker Darby Mills The Water Wyckham PorteousWalk


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