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At Last, the BLOG is here!!!! October/November 2009 Newsletter


russ russell record producer feature

dave eringa music producer feature

recording engineer and producer pat dillett at germano studios new york

Russ Russell - Metal producer video feature

  Dave Eringa - Music producer video feature

Pat Dillett - Producer and engineer video feature


Ken Lewis guitar recording feature series

Gadget Studios in London short video feature

Yard One Studios in Devon, UK short feature

At last the Blog is here! Featuring some brilliant writers!

music record producer steve jordan video

recording engineer and producer kevan gallagher at the dairy studios london

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Steve Jordan - Music producer video feature

Kevan Gallagher - Engineer video feature


YAWN........ The bit at the bottom that no one will read...

Ha! You're right. It's November now but welcome to the news and site updates that happened over October!

We have been super busy recording features and clawing our way through the backlog of unedited videos. Slowly, we are getting on top of things and getting ready to make even more changes and improvements. Thanks to everyone that's been helping with the new BLOG that has four new contributors writing weekly features and there are many more in the pipeline. The next newsletter will have much more about the blog and the contributors.

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New updates will be posted as they go live.

Microphone review area

We're in late, late, late beta stages with the users recording equipment reviews area. Come on, add your equipment reviews.

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