Simon Efemey Producer Interview with George Shilling



Simon Efemey took an hour out of recording at the Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire to talk on camera about everything from getting started to in-depth recording techniques.


Usually we would try to edit down the footage so it would run for 20 minutes but the interview was so fascinating that we've pretty much included everything. We kind of outstayed our welcome as Simon had a band waiting for him in the main studio so many thanks to Simon and to the band for making this feature possible - plus the really great staff at Chapel Studios!


Simon Efemey is most noted for his production with metal and hard rock groups including Paradise Lost, Napalm Death, Deceased, Obituary, Amorphis and The Wildhearts and has also worked on the live sound mixing with bands including Diamond Head, Orson, Wonderstuff, Obituary, Jesus Jones and Napalm Death.


record producer simon efemey in recording studio

Brief Discography

Dead Wretched, Ned's Atomic Dustbin, The Sand Kings, The Wonder Stuff, Paradise Lost, Cancer, Diamond Head, Wolfsbane, Apes, Pigs and Spacemen, Dearly Beheaded, Helmet, The Wishplants, Crowbar, Pitchshifter, Entwined, Pantera, Amorphis, Meathook Seed, Napalm Death, Inhuman, Deceased, Love Like Blood, Area 54, Defenestration, The Wildhearts, The Exploited, Skullshifter, Orson etc etc.


rock and metal producer simon efemey in a recording studio



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Watch our first video interview with Simon Efemey here


We had been wanting to talk with Simon for many years after seeing him at Great Linford Manor Studios and hearing his work and we got the chance to record a short video with him before setting up this feature. You can watch our shorter first video with Simon here.


We would like to extend our praise to Andy and everyone at The Chapel Studios for helping make this feature possible. The Chapel is one of the longest established UK Residential Recording Studios and we are planning an in-depth video tour around the studios in a few months time.






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