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SARM West Studios


A full video tour of the studio complex will be available shortly.  Please check back in about a week, but in the meantime, take a brief peek here...  If you have a problem viewing, click here to go and get the FREE plugin.


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SARM Studios are located just off the Portobello Road in London's very trendy and vibrant Notting Hill Gate.  The studios, owned by Trevor Horn and Jill Sinclair, are regarded as one of the top studio facilities in the UK.  Managed by Lola Weidner, the studio has one of the best maintenance departments in town and the food cooked by Marco is excellent!

Prior to Trevor Horn's involvement, the studios used to be known as 'Basing Street Studios' and before then it was a church.  Many people still specu late that the words psalm and SARM are linked to the studios distant past???

We will be posting a client list, more pictures and video in the near future, in the meantime, for those interested in useless information, the chief tech in those days is now Ridge Farm's chief tech.  A prize will wing it's way to the first three correct guesses at his name!

SARM Studio One

Studio One's got to be one of the best studios in London.  Designed by Sam Toyashima and John Flynn, the massively enlarged studio features an 80 channel J Series console and Alan Sides (Ocean Way) monitoring.  A full video tour of the studio is coming soon.

SARM Studio One control room


SARM Studio Two

SARM Two is  one of the most popular SSL 'E' Series rooms in London being regarded as a 'classic'.  

Pictures and video will follow soon so stay tuned!


SARM Studio Three's recent re-build

sarm3-old.gif (19089 bytes)
SARM 3 before the complete rebuild

SARM's Studio Manager, Lola Weidner, tells us that the Studio 3 re-build is now complete.  

The studio which used to be one of their smallest rooms has been massively expanded and is now one of the top mix rooms in town.  The increase in size has not been at the expense of the recording space which has also been increased by knocking in to a former ZTT record company office.  

Featuring one of London's largest SSL J Series consoles and a full Quested 5.1 monitor system, the facility also boasts a wonderful circular staircase at the rear of the control room rising up to what can only be described as an awesome relaxation area with screened roof terrace to protect the artist from gawpers.  In a nut-shell, it's very private and very, very nice.  

The installation work was overseen by Bill Ward, the studio's technical manager who has recently left to start a new studio installations venture.  Studio design is by Sam Toyashima and John Flynn of ADG.  

The room should be high up on the list of any mega star visiting town and it's worth saving up if you're not a mega star!

We are trying to find time to send our video crew in to do a video tour, but as the room's constantly busy, it may be some time!


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