Townhouse Studios - 7 video features & tours


Mick Glossop - record producer - outside the Townhouse Studios London
Mick Glossop outside Townhouse


Townhouse Studios was built by Richard Branson in the late '70's before being absorbed by the EMI/Virgin Studio Group. The Townhouse was later taken over by the Sanctuary Group in 2002.  It is one of the Worlds greatest studio complexes and boasts a wealth of history.


Videos recorded at the Townhouse

Legendary recording engineer and record producer Tony Platt featured at Townhouse StudiosTony Platt is featured in an exclusive video feature at Townhouse Studio two. This is a very high quality broadband video.
Mick Glossop interviewed at Townhouse Studios - studio oneMick Glossop talks about his 30 amazing years as a producer at Townhouse Studios - Studio 4 - that includes a tour around the studios in pictures.. This is a broadband video.
Sergio Galoyan tals on camera at the TownhouseSergio Galoyan talks with George Shilling at Townhouse Studios. Click to watch the broadband video. 
Phil Bodger is interviewed is Townhouse Studio twoPhil Bodger, ace recording engineer and re-mixer popped in to Townhouse to do a video interview in Studio 2. Watch the video here.
Paul Wright is interviewed about his time spent as SARM Studios chief engineer and more recent work with Wet Wet Wet and KyliePaul Wright also popped in to Townhouse to do a video interview in Studio 2. Watch the video here.
Chenzo happened to be in when we called in with the cameraCenzo Townshend says a few words about the Townhouse.  Click here to watch the short video clip!
ex studio manager Becks shows us around the TownhouseWatch the vintage video tour shot with ex-studio manager Becks way back in 1999.


Situated in West London, the studios have 3 main rooms (labeled 1, 2 and 4!)  each having a unique feel and atmosphere which is appreciated by regular clients such as Elton John and many new acts from a vide variety of fields.  All rooms are equipped with SSL consoles and were designed by studio design guru, Sam Toyashima.  Studio Two has just been completely re-built and now features a new  5.1  SSL 8000G+.   


Becks, the ex studio manager, shows us around the fabulous British studio complex
George Shilling does an interview in Studio One


The recording areas in Studio One and Four feature electronically controlled room ambience adjustment and have a very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.  Perfect for a nervous singer!

It's very easy to get carried away when writing about the virtues of such a great studio.  It's probably better to watch our video tour and interviews shot at Townhouse and then take a trip over to their web site for all of the equipment listings.


They're all very friendly down at the Townhouse and we have to ask ourselves if this is this the British Ocean Way?  We think it's at least that good!


Legendary record producer and recording engineer Tony Platt at Townhouse Studios
Tony Platt in Studio Four surrounded by cameras and lights.


Although it's a top World class studio, don't be afraid to call to arrange to take a tour!  Once you've chatted with the great people that work there and have seen it for yourself, you'll be so pleased you did!


The studios are great and have such a fantastic vibe you must pay a visit to check them out.  Click here to visit their web site for more info.



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