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What is a record producer or a music producer? Many think that a producer is the person that helps turn the artists vision in to reality. We think that the producer role is so varied it's impossible to list off all of the things a producer can help with so over the last 18+ years we have been out with cameras recording in-depth video interviews with a massive amount of producers and recording engineers. From folk to pop, metal to jazz there are bound to be many that you can learn from, take inspiration from or hopefully hook up with them.


If you'd like to be featured just ask, we will make it as easy as possible and we know that any producer doesn't enjoy having a camera pointed at them, it can be scary but no more than for an artist in front of a microphone! Best of all, it is a free service.




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Aa small selection of the producers featured in our exclusive interviews:

Chris Lorg Alge
chris lord alge
Steve Jordan
steve jordan top music producer and drummer
Alan Parsons
legendary recording engineer and producer Alan Parsons
Jake Gosling
Music producer Jake Gosling video interview
Gomez & Russell
top metal recording engineers Jaime Gomez and Russ Russell
Chris Sheldon
record producer chris sheldon at kore recording studios london uk
Trevor Horn
record producer trevor horn in a new broadband video
John Leckie
Music producer John Leckie in the recording studio - video interview
record producer cenzo townshend recording studios london uk
Mike Pela
music producer and engineer Mike Pela feature
Andy Gill
Record Producer Lin Gardner video interview
Bernard Butler
bernard butler suede guitarist and record producer
Guy Massey
Guy Massey - recording engineer and record producer interview
Sean Genockeytop record producer sean genockey at rockfield studios Max Heyes
Producer Max Heyes talks about production at Lynchmob Studios
Adrian Bushby
record producer and mixing engineer Adrian Bushby recording studios london uk
Chris Tsangarides
Watch our video feature at PJF Music in New York
Ken Scott
Ken Scott - producer of David Bowie, engineer for the Beatles talks on camera at Metropolis Studios
George Shilling Metropolis Studios - 3 studio videos and 2 producer interviews Kevin Shirley
Record Producer Lin Gardner video interview
Frank Fillipetti
Frank Fillipetti at Right Track Studios
Jim Moray
top record producer jim moray video interview in the recording studio
Greg Penny
record producer greg penny talks with george shilling about music production
Ann Mincieli
Ann Mincieli, recording engineer at Germano Studios, New York



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